Our Mission

Our MissionInternational Christian Adoptions (ICA) began in 1990 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The Institute for Children’s Aid is one of two major divisions at ICA. We stand on Biblical principles in all we do lending hospitality and sanctuary to all who are in need. Whoever you are and whatever your need as a family, we are here to help you. ICA is dedicated in helping children and their families around the world and in the United States. Our staff are multi-lingual and multi-ethnic and professionally trained to assist in various capacities.

  • Promote and secure the emotional, spiritual and physical welfare of children who have been victimized, abandoned or persecuted; found in the streets, war zones, government run institutions, refugee camps or family homes.
  • Actively engage in providing immigration and refugee resettlement services to those fleeing persecution, war, oppression and poverty.
  • To provide an environment of peaceful and humanitarian exchange to foreign students and those who go abroad.
  • To offer an environment where hard working artisans can be paid a fair wage and be given the dignity of self determination through fair trade.
  • To provide opportunities for orphans to experience culture and sense of family with camps to America and in their country.
  • To widen the horizons of Americans by sending them to foreign countries to experience differing cultures through a myriad of work projects, camps and activities.
  • Maintain a Hague compliant licensed child placement agency under a different name in accordance with the laws of the State of California in order to provide temporal foster care and adoptive placement.
  • Maintain several programs to enhance ICA’s mission which is not limited to but includes immigration and refugee resettlement services; foreign student exchange program; fair trade; cultural camps; mission programs and tours, and other social service programs.

Our Unique Approach

The Child and Family Counseling Services program is a very unique type of program. ICA has many years of expertise in assisting families and children, especially those children who come from trauma based circumstances. Many children come into a family through “blended” circumstances; many may have come from foster care; many have come from orphan institutional care and adoption; many have been in a life as a refugee, immigrant, non-immigrant fleeing from their native home for safety; many have come from a life of being trafficked and many have simply been raised by you from birth and you have hit a really difficult journey with them. Well, that is why you want to start here. We know. We understand your issues and the challenges you are facing.

Our goal is to help you unglue the situations and get back to a healthy functioning family. We know you may feel extremely frustrated. We know you may not know who to trust or where to start. We know you may hate your situation so badly that you want to throw it all away starting all over to a place where you thought things were nice and calm. But listen, we are here. We are throwing out a lifeline to you right now. We are praying for you as you read this. Grab our hand.

Our Fulfilling Work

Our Fulfilling Work

Our Commitment To Protecting Children