Advocate Opportunities

There are millions of orphans, child refugees without homes, children without a family living in foster homes, orphanages, detention centers or the streets. They need YOU to be a VOICE for them. There are many ways to do that:

Host A Coffee Break

ICA is proud to sell fair trade coffee. Host an event with your friends to help us introduce the varieties of fair trade coffee and use the opportunity to ask for donations.

Host A Child

Be their ADVOCATE to help find a loving family. Let them live with you for a few weeks. LOVE on them. PRAY with them.

Organize A Hope Pak Drive

There are many ideas to start a Hope Pak Drive. Pick one and be sure to get your church involved.


Write. Interact with others and share your experiences. Be informed and help educate others to be there for these children.

Raise Funds

There are many ways you can raise funds. Try “Stone Soup” – get your community involved in the business of making soup.

Host A Prayer Breakfast

Always have these children in your prayers. And why not over a breakfast event with pastors, friends and families.

Our staff members will be happy to assist you with any of these events, giving you step by step suggestions. We are willing to help with the presentations, setup, or any way you may need. Just call us at 951-695-3336 or email at