Sponsor A Child

Our children need sponsors. These children are already here in the United States. 100% of your sponsorship is reinvested in the lives of these children. We work hard to make sure they have their basic needs, are safe, secure and given the services they need. Many children are in public Foster Systems or in homes of little or no income. But we cannot do it without you. Sponsor a child in:

Sponsor A Child - Learning CenterLearning Center

Your sponsorship helps ICA assist children with special tutors, classes and mentors. It also helps with the supplies they will need.

Donation: $150.00

Sponsor A Child - CounselingCounseling

Many of ICA children have faced traumatic circumstances of abuse, neglect, trafficking, and abandonment. They need help.

Donation: $240.00
(8 sessions)

Sponsor A Child - Find A FamilyFinding A Family

Sponsor a child who is trying to find a family. Ask your church to get involved. Do a fundraising event or whatever it takes. A child will be brought here by your direct advocacy.

Donation: $2,500.00

Sponsor A Child - Child FundChild Fund

Launch a “forever home” child fund. Go online and list your vision, events and efforts and raise $$ for a special child to have a family.

Donation: $ Any Amount