Family Preservation and Reunification

ICA helps to ensure unaccompanied children are safe, healthy, resilient and thriving, and that parents and caregivers are supported to create a safe and nurturing home environment. ICA does not endorse situations where these children are separated from safe family and helps to  reunite them with loved ones who are well-equipped to care for them.  Every child has the right to life, access to clean water, food, education, a safe environment and most of all HOPE for a future.

Rampant poverty and violence are driving these young people from Central America, with Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Salvadorans accounting for 85% of detained unaccompanied children in the U.S.  Another 12% come from Mexico, where the homicide rate hit a new high in 2019, in the midst of long standing wars against drug cartels. Many children hope to reunite with relatives in the United States, but others deliberately leave their families behind, fleeing domestic abuse, criminal gangs, or local corruption.

To ensure children are reunited into safe and secure homes, we conduct home visits and ongoing case management including:

  • Assistance with school enrollment
  • Pro-bono immigration legal services
  • Low-cost medical care
  • Mental health services
  • Understanding the Immigration Court
  • Assistance navigating community resources
  • Post-18 Planning
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Legal Guardianship