Gifts Of Purpose

Give with a purpose and make your giving meaningful by giving to something that matters. Change lives. Be a part of the solution. Help us protect the lives of children.

Sponsor Child-Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Your donation will be used to purchase much needed Gift Cards, Gas Cards, and Food Cards for children and their families.

Donation: $ Any Amount

Sponsor A Child - Counseling


Many of ICA children have faced traumatic circumstances of abuse, neglect, trafficking, and abandonment. They need help.

Donation: $240.00 (8 sessions)

Gifts Of Purpose - In Memory Of Someone Special

In Memory Of Someone Special

Give that special gift in memory of someone who meant a lot to you.

Donation: $ Any Amount

Sponsor A Child - Child Fund

Child Fund

Launch a “forever home” child fund. Go online and list your vision, events and efforts and raise $$ for a special child to have a family.

Donation: $ Any Amount

Sponsor A Child - Learning Center

Learning Center

Your sponsorship helps ICA assist children with special tutors, classes and mentors. It also helps with the supplies they will need.

Donation: $150.00

Gifts Of Purpose - Microfinance

Donation Button - Microfinance


Help provide the basics for survival through a small loan. (

Donation: $ Any Amount

Sponsor A Child - Find A Family

Finding A Family

Sponsor a child who is trying to find a family. Ask your church to get involved. Do a fundraising event or whatever it takes. A child will be brought here by your direct advocacy.

Donation: $2,500.00

Gifts Of Purpose - Planned Giving

Donation Button - Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Life Insurance, Stocks, or Real Estate.

Donation: $ Any Amount

Gifts Of Purpose - Where It Is Needed Most

Where It Is Needed Most

Your sponsorship will be used in the area most needed to bless children.

Recurring Monthly Amount