Planned Giving

Planned Giving


Many people are surprised there is still a way to make a substantial legacy gift to their favorite charities by using life insurance as a charitable tool. It’s easier than you think, and you may be pleasantly surprised at how your modest annual contributions can be multiplied into a substantial gift.

Benefits for Donors:

  • A gift of a life insurance policy often allows a donor to make a substantially larger charitable gift than would otherwise be possible
  • Charitable life insurance gifts generate tax deductions based on the premium payments
  • The donor’s estate remains undiminished in spite of making a substantial charitable gift
  • Donors receive the satisfaction of knowing their gifts will help support their favorite charitable organizations long after they are gone

Benefits for Charities:

  • Gifts of life insurance are a critical source of future income that can be planned for and depended upon
  • Modest annual gifts are multiplied into substantial support, opening the door to major gifts from many more donors
  • The charity receives the payment at the donor’s death in cash, undiluted by administrative fees and not delayed by probate
  • The gift is made during the donor’s lifetime, enabling the charity to recognize and thank the donor


One of the most beneficial ways to contribute to your favorite charity is through a gift of stock. Through gifts of securities, you can avoid capital gains taxes by donating the shares directly to charity.

You may give a gift of stock or mutual fund shares. We turn your contribution into cash, which can then be put into a donor advised fund, gift annuity or charitable trust. If your donation is placed in a donor advised fund, the money is available for distribution to charities you recommend at any time you wish. If your donation is placed in a charitable trust or gift annuity, payments from the trust or annuity will be paid to you or your beneficiary as long as you live. The balance of the trust or annuity will be transferred to charities you recommend upon your death or the death of your beneficiary.


  • Get an immediate tax deduction
  • Avoid capital gains tax
  • We convert your stock or mutual fund shares to cash
  • We handle all the paperwork and record keeping

To learn more about how you can give a gift of stock, contact an ICA representative at 951-695-3336.

Your gift represents an irrevocable contribution and is not refundable to you. Assets contributed to the donor advised fund, gift annuity or charitable trust become the property of ICA; the donor retains no legal control over the gift. Instead, the donor is entitled to give non-binding advice about the distribution of the funds.


Owners of farmland, commercial or residential property, or vacant investment land can multiply their giving and reap significant tax benefits by giving gifts of real estate.


  • Avoid lump sum capital gains tax
  • Get an immediate tax deduction
  • Create dependable income
  • Preserve farm heritage

Gifts of real estate can provide a distinctive giving opportunity – an opportunity that might meet your long-term financial goals while also benefiting the current and future work of your favorite charities. These types of gifts can be complicated, though, due to tax and other issues. So, we recommend you contact ICA for more information. We’re ready to help with decisions, all the while respecting your wishes and being sensitive to your faith and values.